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Our story - about Clackline Valley Olives
Bruce and Maree Duncan moved to Clackline in late 2000 after having spent most of their lives in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.  

The property they purchased had been used partially for sheep grazing, so considerable reconstruction was required to make it suited for any other purpose.  We commenced farming operations in December 2000.

Initially macadamia nut trees were planted, but severe conditions in the winter of 2001 killed 96% of the young trees.

Macadamia treesMacadamia trees
Initial planting of 100 macadamia trees

In May 2002 we began plantings olive trees. By May 2003 there were 500 trees planted.  By April 2004 the final plantings from the initial purchase was complete. The complete total of 620 trees were in the ground, six kilometres of irrigation had been laid to provide water to each of them, firebreaks and access roads were built and the grove was ready to mature to production stage.

Full DamEmpty Dam
The dam we use for irrigation - at left full to capacity, at right empty for maintenance and cleaning

Extensions to the grove in early 2008, including the purchase of additional trees, meant that by July 2008 there were 840 trees planted. More trees were introduced in 2009/2010 bringing the total to over 1,000.

The name of our operations comes from the physical location of the property.  Nestled in the valley created by Warranine Creek, we thought it appropriate to call ourselves Clackline Valley Olives.  You can read more detail of our location on the Location page.

Our symbol is the white dove clutching an olive branch.  Historically, the dove with an olive branch first appears in the biblical story of Noah.  This symbol has conveyed the meaning of hope, peace and prosperity since that time.  These are the ingredients for a safe and happy world today. 

We hope that our olive oil will bring goodwill to all who partake of it.

If you would like to print out a colouring page for your children to enjoy, please click on the images below.  The olive page is provided from about.com.  The dove page is from Clackline Valley Olives.

Colouring page - olive      Colouring page - dove


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