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The location of Clackline Valley Olives
The townsite of Clackline, located 17 kilometres south west of Northam, was gazetted a townsite in 1896. Despite being a major junction on the East-West railway line and the Toodyay / Wheatbelt railway network, the name has no connection with the railway, and is an Aboriginal name. The surveyor John Forrest, later Premier of Western Australia, recorded the name for a well and brook in 1879, but did not record a meaning for the name.

The property is geographically located in the Eastern Darling Slope at 31'45" South latitude and 116'33" East longitude, approximately 85 kilometres to the East of Perth, Western Australia.

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Clackline Valley is a beautiful and unique part of the world.  It is marked by undulating hills and wooded reserves.  This environment is popular with visitors from the city who enjoy the peace and quiet and natural scenery.  Clackline Valley Olives have been pleased to host visitors, often in great numbers, as they seek to enjoy the grove and surrounding countryside.

Clackline Valley Olive Grove


The record bearing tree for 2017 - 87.6 kilogrammes

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