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These pages attempt to share some of the excitement, love and joy the author has for the aptly named King Of Instruments - the pipe organ.

Bruce Duncan is a keen organist. He has played regularly for the services and functions at the Wesley Church (Uniting), York, since 2001 and was involved in the restoration of the 1895 Alfred Monk pipe organ in that church in July 2001.

He is now organist at three churches and has championed the completion of one refurbishment and the whole project of a restoration and expansion of another. The churches where Bruce currently plays are: St John's Anglican Church, Northam (fully restored and expanded in 2014); Holy Trinity Anglican Church, York; and St Matthew's Anglican Church, Guildford (1911 J E Dodd pipe organ fully refurbished in the period 2004 to 2018).

Bruce purchased a redundant 1963 Paul Hufner pipe organ and designed a restoration and expansion of the instument which is installed at his property.

He is a Committee member of the Organ Society of Western Australia and is responsible as Editor of their bi-monthly journal In The Pipeline and as Webmaster for their web site and very comprehensive index of West Australian pipe organs.  Bruce is one of the Councillors for Western Australia for the Organ Historical Trust of Australia.

The following indexes of Australasian pipe organs have been
compiled by Bruce or were prepared by another party and are included for continuity of geographical reference.

Pipe Organs of China
Pipe Organs of Japan
Pipe Organs of Korea
Pipe Organs of Taiwan

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