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The oldest recorded modern form pipe organs in China date back to the 1600's.  However it must be remembered that the Chinese pai xiao (pan pipes) and, particularly, sheng (mouth organ) are direct ancestors of the pipe organ as we now know it.  These instruments are recorded many thousands of years ago in the Yin Dynasty (1401-1121 BC) of  Chinese history.  Therefore it is not surprising that the pipe organ has importance in the bustling China of today.

Sheng. Photo: Bruce Duncan
A Sheng being played in Xi'an, China, March 2012

The very first pipe organs arrived in China with the Jesuit and other missionaries in the 17th Century through to the early 1900's and were installed in churches throughout the country.  They were ignored or destroyed in the uprisings of the 1960's and not many have survived.  A new breed of very sophisticated pipe organs for concert halls and restored churches, particularly from European builders, began to populate the country from the 1980's and continues into the new millenium.

The pipe organs I have discovered and, where possible, visited in China are shown by city in alphabetical order.  I have no doubt other organs exist in the country and I welcome any feedback if you would care to offer it.

Beijing Beijing Chaoyang Church
Beijing Concert Hall Rieger-Kloss
China National Radio Orgelbau Reichenstein mbH
III/P    50 stops    62 ranks
Dong Tang Cathedral - East Cathedral
(St. Josephs Wangfujing )
Forbidden City Concert Hall
Beijing Music Hall, Zhongshan Park
Austin Organs, Inc.,1999
III/P    53
Golden Sail Concert Hall, School No.35 Johannes Klais Orgelbau GmbH, 2015
III/P 45 stops 49 ranks, mech+elect/elect
National Centre for the Performing Arts Concert Hall Johannes Klais Orgelbau GmbH, 2006
IV/P    113
stops    134 ranks
North Cathedral - Xishiku Church
Peking Union Church Estey Organ,1930
II/P    9
stops    8 ranks
St. Michael’s Cathedral 2008
Youth Concert Hall, Fang Zhuang
Main Organ
Kenneth Jones Pipe Organs
Youth Concert Hall, Fang Zhuang
Continuo Organ
Kenneth Jones Pipe Organs
Zhongsan Park Music Hall Austin Organs, Inc.
III/P    63
stops    63 ranks
Fuzhou American Baptist Foreign Missions Estey Pipe Organs, 1915
Guangdong Zhuhai, Convention Center Johannes Klais Orgelbau GmbH, 2014
III/P 55 stops, 70 ranks
Guangzhou Xinghai Concert Hall Rieger-Kloss, 1995
IV/P    84 stops    125 ranks
Guangxi Nanning Concert Hall Johannes Klais Orgelbau GmbH, 2018
IV/P 64 stops 81 ranks mech+elect/elect
Hangzhou Hangzhou Grand Theatre Music Hall Rieger Orgelbau, 2006
III/P    47 stops
Hefei Hefei Grand Theater Casavant Frères, 2010
IV/P    60 stops    74 ranks
Hefei Grand Theater Casavant Frères, 2010
II/P 6
II/P    6 stops    6 ranks
Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Rieger Orgelbau, 1986
IV/P    41 stops
Chinese University Johannes Klais Orgelbau GmbH, 2000
II/P    14 stops    16 ranks
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Rieger Orgelbau, 1989
IV/P    93 stops    
Hunan Binjiang Cultural Park Johannes Klais Orgelbau GmbH, 2016
IV/P 61 stops, 75 ranks
Liaoning Shenyang Conservatory of Music
III/P    8 ranks
  Shenyang Conservatory of Music
  Shenyang Cultural Art Centre Johannes Klais Orgelbau GmbH, 2014
IV/P 83 stops, 119 ranks
Macau Igreja de Sao Lazaro Casavant Frères, 2011
III/P    37 stops    46 ranks
Portative Jesuit Order, 1601
St. Joseph Seminary Chapel Koenig Facteurs d'Orgues
Ordos Ordos National Theater Casavant Frères, 2010
III/P    56 stops    74 ranks
Quingdao Christus-Kirche Waldkircher Orgelbau Jäger & Brommer
II/P    24 stops
Concert House

Waldkircher Orgelbau, 2012
IV/P 73 stops 93 ranks

Grand Theatre Waldkircher Orgelbau Jäger & Brommer, 2011  
III/P    8 stops 5 ranks
St.Michael's Cathedral Waldkircher Orgelbau Jäger & Brommer, 2008    
II/P    39 stops
Shandong Linyi Grand Theatre Johannes Klais Orgelbau GmbH, 2014
III/P 47 stops 62 ranks
Shanghai Bamboo Organ of Tungkadoo
Dongjiadu Cathedral

Jesuits at Zikawei (Xujiahui), 1850
I/P    11 stops
Christian Science Church Austin Organs, Inc., 1930
II/P    16 stops
Community Church Austin Organs, Inc., 1930
III/P    34 stops
Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral Harrison & Harrison, 1925
Moore Memorial Church (Mu'en Church)
Oriental Arts Centre Rieger Orgelbau, 2005
St Ignatius Cathedral, Xujiahui
Shenzhen Shenzhen Culture Centre Rieger Orgelbau, 2007
V/P    87 stops
Tanjin Grand Theatre
Tiencienského Cultural Center
Rieger-Kloss, 2012
III/P    65 stops
Cathedral of St Joseph
Xikai Cathedral
Rieger-Kloss, 2011
III/P    20 stops    22 ranks
Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall Johannes Klais Orgelbau GmbH, 2009
IV/P    67 stops    100 ranks
Xiamen Gulangyu Organ Museum
Ex Emmanuel Eposcopal Church, Boston, USA
Casavant Frères / Wakeley Pipe Organs, 1917,    
IV/P    108 stops    121 ranks
Gulangyu Organ Museum
Ex Scot's Presbyterian Church, Melbourne, Australia
Mackenzie, Lee & Kaye / Wakeley Pipe Organs, 1874,
IV/P    61 stops    70 ranks
Gulangyu Organ Museum
Ex Cradley Heath Methodist Church, United Kingdom
Norman & Beard / Wakeley Pipe Organs, 1909,    
III/P    21 stops    22 ranks
Gulangyu Organ Museum
Ex Brightwell, Heathcote, Victoria, Australia
Rudolf Wurlitzer / Wakeley Pipe Organs, 1928,    
II/P    12 ranks
Xian Datang Concert Hall Johannes Klais Orgelbau GmbH, 2010
IV/P    60 stops    75 ranks
Zengzhou Henan Art Centre Rieger Orgelbau, 2008
III/P    39 stops

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