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The pipe organ at Clackline Valley Olives was built by Western Australian organ builder Paul Hufner in 1963.  The organ was bought to Clackline on Friday 14th January 2011 for restoration and installation.  The organ was finally recommissioned on 18th November 2013.  

Details of the organ and photographs depicting the journey from collection to reinstallation are as follows:

Type of installation Free standing
Case description Polished wood and metal display pipes - all pipes visible.
Placement in room North wall
Builder's name Paul F Hufner
Opus number Opus XIIX
Date of completion/installation Built 1963, installed this location 2013.
Construction materials Mahogany timberwork for pipes, veneered timbers for console.  New casework of plain veneered timbers.  New pipes of 55% burnished tin.
Number of manuals One (1)
Key compasses F-ff originally, now CCC-ff
Number of keys 49 originally, now 54
Key material Solid wood keys with celuloid facings.
Pedal compass None originally, now 28 notes
Number of pedals No pedals - autobass system for lowest notes originally, now autobass disconnected and full pedalboard installed for newly created "pedal" division.
Type of chests
Type of key action Electro-magnetic
Type of stop action Electro-magnetic
Couplers None
Tremulants None
Accessories    None
Console type Tab stops
Stop label material
Placement Remote, but originally attached to organ case by mechanical linkage to Swell.  
Now connected to organ by cable.
General design
Playing aids Balanced swell pedal, now removed
Divisions    One division, originally under expression. 
Rebuilt as a Great division and Pedal division.
Wind pressures
Stop list Original configuration
Bourdon  (Autobass) 16'
Claribel 8'
Principal   4'
Piccolo 2'
Sifflote 1'

Rebuilt and extended configuration
Bourdon   16' Wood
Claribel 8' Wood
Principal   4' Wood
Piccolo 2' Wood
Sifflote 1' Wood/metal
8' Burnished Tin New
Clarion Horn 4' Burnished Tin New
Bourdon 16' Wood New
Bass Flute 8' Wood New
Horn 8' Burnished Tin New

Total number of stops Five (5) originally, rebuilt to ten (10)
Total number of ranks 1 rank extended originally, now 2 ranks extended
Total number of pipes 92 pipes originally, now 163 pipes.
Dates when key work has been undertaken on current organ Organ electrics overhauled, pipework cleaned, pipes repolished, manual chest overhauled and repolished, new pedal chest, new pedal pipework, new trumpet (horn) rank, new casework constructed, keyset changed to allow for additional compass of the organ, new pedalboard made and incorporated into existing console, console woodwork refurbished, new blower, new regulator, and organ installed at Clackline by Pipe Organs of Western Australia, 2013.
Dates of any moves that have taken place to current organ Built for the Carnamah Community Church
Installed in St Matthew's Church, Armadale, 1993
Removed to storage 1995
Relocated and installed in St Ninian & St Chad Church, Maylands
Removed to storage 2010 by F J Larner & Co
Relocated to Clackline by Bruce Duncan for rebuild and installation 2011.
Rebuilt Pipe Organs of Western Australia, 2013.

Original configuration
The organ in it's original configuration at Carnamah, Armadale and Maylands

Moving from Yarloop
The organ being moved from storage in Yarloop

Organ arrives at Clackline
The organ arrives in pieces at Clackline

Some pipework erected
The initial assembling of pipework.  Note that most of the organ remains in pieces at the back.

Console detail
Detailof the organ console showing the beautiful honey-coloured mahogany timber

Makers nameplate
The nameplate of the builder, Paul Hufner, 1918-2010.
This organ is his Opus 18.  He built about 30 new pipe organs and repaired/rebuilt many others in his lifetime.

Concept drawing of intended organ layout, later modified
Organ in the workshop
Assembly of the organ in new casework

November 2013
The final installation - November 2013

The reconstucted console with new keydesk, stop tabs and pedal board (not visible)


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