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Wilhelm Sauer, Germany
circa 1930-40
Pneumatic action

An organ was installed at Gereja Bethel, Bandung, West Java. The current status and condition of this organ is not known.

Specification of the organ is:

I       II    
  Principal 8'     Spitzflöte 8'
  Flute harmonique 8'     Lieblich Gedackt 8'
  Gemshorn 8'     Aeoline 8'
  Rohrflöte 8'     Voix Celeste 8'
  Octav 4'     Flauto dolce 4'
  Subbass 16'        
  Cello 8'        

Specification and details supplied by Robert Helder, Zwolle, the Netherlands, from the recollections of A.P.G. Van Binnendijk (dec.) who had visited Indonesia as a soldier in 1948.




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