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Bekker Lefebre, Batavia

Pneumatic or Electro-pneumatic action
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An organ I have not seen is located in St. Peter's Catholic Cathedral of Bandung.  When I went to Bandung in 1990 it was said to be not playable. There was a move to restore the organ in 1994 by a group of local enthusiasts, but the restoration did not progress because of lack of technical expertise. The Majelis (church committee) have arranged several repairs to the organ since.  The organ was repaired in 2000 by Benediktus Martono Hidajat.

Bandung organ

The organ has been replaced in congregational and choir use with a Rodgers Trillium 788e because the long delay created with the distance between the organ gallery and the choir (front chancel) makes it impossible for the organist to hear the choir and vice versa. 

The Bandung Cathedral organ is the only recorded instrument made by  Bekker Lebebre in their Batavia (Jakarta) workshop.  Other organs, now demolished, may have been of their manufacture but records do not exist to substantiate this matter.

The organ stoplist is:

I 56 notes     II 56 notes  
8'     Gemshoorn
  Bourdon 8'     Gamba 8'
  Salicionaal 8'     Roerfluit 4'
  Fluit 4'    
  Octaaf 4'    
P 30 notes          

Eight (8) buttons below 2nd manual marked as following :
Manuaal II – I
Pedaal I
Pedaal II
Super octaaf II-I
Sub octaaf II-I
Insch Auf. Ped.
Red button OFF
P (pianissimo ?)
MF (mezzo forte ?)
F (forte ?)
T (tutti ?)
Red button OFF




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 My thanks to Benny Yoshawirja, B.Sc., one of the organists at St. Petrus Cathedral Bandung city, who has kindly supplied organ specifications and photographs used on this page.



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