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Malaysia is located just north of the equator.  It is a country of 28 million people, predominantly Muslim but with around 10% of the population Christian.  Being an ex-British colony, it is not surprising that the country has a small contingent of pipe organs, all of which are in coastal cities.

Malaysia possesses the second largest pipe organ in South East Asia.  The 1999 Klais organ in Petronas Philharmonic Hall had been the largest instrument until completion of the 2002 Klais at the Esplanade Concert Hall organ in neighbouring Singapore.

For information on the only pipe organ builder in Malaysia, see this link to James A Riddell.

KUALA LUMPUR Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus  
Petronas Philharmonic Hall  
St Andrews Presbyterian Church
St Marys Cathedral
St Johns Cathedral
KUANTAN Prebyterian Church
MALACCA  Christ Church 
Presbyterian Church
St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church
PENANG Cathedral of the Assumption  
St. George's Anglican Church
SEREMBAN St Mark's Anglican Church
SIBU Masland Methodist Church
TAIPING All Saints Church  


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