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François-Henri Clicquot
Two manual and pedal
Action mechanical




Standing from the main altar of the church looking high above the main door, we will see an organ loft, and on it is the pipe organ, one of the two oldest the organs in Vietnam today.

According to the priest Vuong Si Tuan, the organ was made and hand-tailored by foreign experts, to ensure enough sound for the whole church, not small but not noisy. It is estimated that the organ’s body is above 3m high, 4m wide, 2m long. Though several organs were installed in the cathedral over time, the earliest ones were inadequate for the building. The first more noted organ was finished in the 18th century by the noted builder François-Henri Clicquot. Some of Clicquot’s original pipework in the pedal division continues to sound from the organ today. The organ was almost completely rebuilt and expanded in the 19th century by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll.

Unfortunately, this organ has completely broken down due to lack of maintenancce, and specifically due to termite damage to the key mechanism, console and windchests.

The church currently uses a large Rogers electronic instrument.




Specification of the organ is unknown.



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