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Baptisms are wonderful occasions. Those to be baptised begin a journey of faith in becoming members of the Church, and are empowered to live lifes to a different heartbeat through the gift of God's Holy Spirit. 

As a christian church we uphold the view that baptism marks the beginning of a new life; one which is both spiritual as well as physical. We believe that baptism marks the entry into membership of the church, that is the people of God, not just a building. It is a time when serious promises about faith are made and when we acknowledge power of the Holy Spirit and actions of Jesus as being necessary for salvation.

Baptism was commanded by Jesus Christ.  As His followers we seek to fully obey everything that Jesus taught. Jesus calls us to follow him. Those who heed that call adopt his values, accept his teachings, and worship him alongside his other followers. There was a time when baptism was little more than a customary rite of passage in our culture. That time is past, and baptism now has returned to its true significance; the ceremony that marks the beginning of a life devoted to following Christ, the event at which the family of the church welcomes a new member. 
Baptisms are a joyous celebration and a public declaration
and are conducted at the main service (usually 10:00) on a Sunday morning.
Baptism    Baptism
At St Johns Church we practice baptism by sprinkling and by immersion.
If you would like to talk to St John's Church about baptism arrangements for yourself or for your child, please contact us by email.  We will be very happy to assist you in preparing for baptism and arranging the baptism service.

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