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Clackline Valley Olives recipies
West Australian Olive Council

Select about 2.5 kg of table olives.
Crack olives with a mallet without cracking the stone or slit each olive with a knife to the stone, making about five cuts.
Soak the olives in water for 10 days, changing the water daily.
Drain the olives.
Place the dry olives into sterilised jars.

Boil 5 litres of water with 500gr of salt, lemon zest, corriander seeds, 30 gr  of fennel seeds and 2 bay leaves for 5 minutes.
Allow to cool completely.
Pour the mixture over the olives that you have already placed in the jars.
Seal the jars.
Leave for 7 days.

These olives are best eaten within a month of preparation.

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